In Splendor, after you have collected enough bonuses to receive a visit from a noble, can you receive a visit from a second noble with the some of the same bonuses as the first, or do you need additional bonuses?

For example: say there are two nobles that both require 3 diamond bonuses, can you receive both nobles if you only have three diamond bonuses, or would you be required to have at least 6 diamond bonuses to receive them both (3 for each)?

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Yes, you can, but not on the same turn.

From the rules:

At the end of their turn, each player checks the noble tiles in order to determine if they’re receiving a visit from one of them. A player can be visited if they have (at least) the quantity and type of bonuses indicated on the noble tile.

So all that matters is that you have at least 3 diamonds for a noble that requires 3 diamonds; there's no requirement to have an additional 3 for an additional noble.

And the rule limiting it to 1 noble per turn:

If a player has enough bonuses to be visited by more than one noble at the end of their turn, that player chooses the noble to be received.


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