I'd heard at one point that someone was working on a "Universal Game Pack" that provided the components necessary to play a large number of games, just as one can with a regular deck of cards.

For example, with a deck of cards numbered from 1 to 135, I can play war, No Thanks, Category 5, and others. With a regular deck plus four special cards, I can play Tichu. Throw in a bag of universal tokens and I can play a bunch of other games.

Has anybody heard of a universal game pack like this?


You may be interested in the Rainbow Deck:


Decks that it can be mapped into:

  • Sequence of numbers of 0 to 119
  • Letters with values similar to the game system Letter Head and similar games
  • 12 suits (colour/number) x 1-13 values
  • 6 suits (icon) x 1-23 values (2x10+3)
  • 6 suits (icon) x 2 copies of 1-13 values
  • 12 suits (colour/number) x 2 copies of 1-6 dice values
  • 6 suits (icon) x 4 copies of 1-6 dice values
  • 6 suits (icon) x 26 letter cards
  • n * 26 letter cards + rare letter cards
  • 1 copy x value 1,..., 12 copies x value 12(Q), 13 copies x value 13(K+joker)
  • Double-Nine domino set x 2 copies

The page on BoardGameGeek has downloads of a pdf you can print, info on where to buy one and a file listing the games that can be played with it. I'm pretty sure it covers most of what you would want.


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