When using the 'Initiative' power tile (which destroys two units pre-battle) against a [foolish or unfortunate] opponent who has only two units:

Is a victory point scored? Is movement interrupted?


The rulebook says:

If the attacker wins the battle, and has at least one unit left, he gains a permanent Battle VP.

The English rulebook doesn't seem to be clear about the movements, but the German version clearly states that in the case of an Attack:

The movement ends in every case.


You won't get a victory point in this case:

-> The effect of 'Innitiative' resolves during Day-Phase. If you destroy the enemy troop during Day-Phase (Same as for example with a DI-card) there won't be a battle -> no VP.

  • Boggle. I do not see how day phase relates to this circumstance. – Lighthart Apr 10 '17 at 22:26

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