When playing rubber bridge, can the declarer still claim after the hand is over but the next hand has not been dealt?


From the 2014 Laws of Rubber Bridge:

Law 76 - Responsibility for the Score

.... Honors may be claimed until the next hand has been dealt, or the rubber has been completed and scored - whichever comes sooner.


Law 78 Correction of the Score

When it is acknowledged by a majority of the players that a scoring error was made in recording an agreed upon result (e.g. failure to enter honors or incorrect computation of score), the error must be corrected if discovered before the net score for the rubber has been agreed to. However, except with the consent of all four players, an erroneous agreement as to the number of tricks won by each side may not be corrected after all players have called on the next deal.

In case of disagreement between two scores kept, the recollection of the majority of the players as to the facts governs.

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