This question is about the card game bridge :

  • How many points can N/S have in a par-zero deal ? (Only consider the high card points)

    In a par-zero deal, no player can make any contract assuming perfect play and full information (all hands are visible).

    In most par-zero deals , N/S have at most 23 high card points.

    What is the limit ?

            S 973
            H K5
            D QJ864
            C KQJ
  S 2                 S AQJ854 
  H T87               H A42
  D T53               D A97
  C 987543            C 6
            S KT6
            H QJ963
            D K2
            C AT2 

is an example with 25 HCP for N/S. I found this deal by slightly changing a random deal from pavliceks deal finder which was close to par-zero.

                  S A75
                  H KJ2
                  D AJ63
                  C 762
   S 986                         S JT2
   H 86                          H AQT9
   D T854                        D 972
   C AQ53                        C T98
                  S KQ43
                  H 7543
                  D KQ
                  C KJ4

is an example with 27 HCP-points for N/S

Even with 28 points, there is an example :

                      S 2
                      H QJ73
                      D KQJ
                      C J8743
   S AQT98                          S 73
   H T9542                          H 8
   D -                              D T98765
   C 652                            C AQT9
                      S KJ654
                      H AK6
                      D A432
                      C K

And finally, I found an example with 29 HCP for N/S

      87654                    32
      A3                       T865
      AKT98                    3
      T                        987532
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Here's a deal that my double dummy solver says is parzero with North/South holding 24 points.

          S: KT9
          H: AK942
          D: QT97
          C: A
 S: 72             S: AQ864
 H: J87            H: T653
 D: K84            D: AJ6
 C: JT842          C: 7
          S: J53
          H: Q
          D: 532
          C: KQ9653

I haven't analyzed this deal to see how the sides defeat the contracts.

Note that North/South have their share of the tens, and all of the nines, as well. So this is a good 24.

For north/south declaring. the obvious problem is that north and south's hands have few entries.

I've currently got my dealer search for 25-point examples.

Deal is the dealer than I'm using. I wrote it. It has a double dummy solver built-in. This is the script I'm using for Deal:

main { 
   # Require north/south have exactly 25 points and no fit
   reject unless {[hcp south]+[hcp north]==25}
   foreach suit {spades hearts diamonds clubs} {
       reject if {[$suit south]+[$suit north]>7}

   foreach denom {notrump spades hearts diamonds clubs} {
      reject if {[deal::tricks south $denom]>6}
      reject if {[deal::tricks north $denom]>6}
      reject if {[deal::tricks east $denom]>6}
      reject if {[deal::tricks west $denom]>6}
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    Wow, that deal shows the values of aces. The side with 25 points has no major blockages and the spade ace onside. Apr 17, 2015 at 11:30
  • I have a dealer which can compute double dummy data. It's right there on my web site. I'll post the code that I used with Deal up in my answer. Apr 17, 2015 at 12:25
  • You can begin your search with 30 HCP (see edit)
    – Peter
    Jun 10, 2015 at 17:09

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