I have Breaker Bay Grid in a server, along with Awakening Center hosting a Janus 1.0.

Does Janus 1.0 count as "in" the server for the purposes of Breaker Bay Grid's cost reduction? Equivalently, does Janus cost 8 credits or just 3?

Breaker Bay Grid has the ability:

The rez cost of cards in this server is lowered by 5.

Awakening Center has the abilities:

Awakening Center can host bioroid ice (each piece is installed facedown, ignoring all install costs).

Whenever the Runner passes all of the ice protecting this server, you may rez a piece of ice on Awakening Center, lowering the rez cost by 7 [credits], to force the Runner to encounter it. Trash that ice after the run is completed.

Normally Breaker Bay doesn't work on ICE because ICE is protecting the server rather than "in" it.

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From the FAQ on Awakening Center:

Ice on Awakening Center are in the server and do not count as ice protecting the server.

So, the ICE on the awakening center do get the cost reduction from Breaker Bay Grid. Janus 1.0 would only cost 3 credits to rez in this situation.

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