Answers to this question about tile layouts for Catan suggests Better Settlers. When I open Better Settlers, the page shows a board setup for Catan. What do the colors in the setup stand for?

My guess:

  • maroon/dark red: brick
  • dark green: wood
  • light green: wheat
  • yellow: sheep
  • grey: ore

Is that correct?

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The colors surely match the colors of the resource cards and the actual hexes:

  • maroon - brick
  • dark green - wood
  • light green - sheep
  • yellow - wheat
  • gray - ore

And the blank orange hex would be the desert.

resource cards

(clockwise from bottom left, that's sheep, wheat, ore, brick, and wood; the center is desert, and there's an extra wood cut off on the bottom)

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    I am the creator of Better Settlers and I approve this correct answer :) Commented May 7, 2015 at 12:52

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