I was playing zombies/robots and near the end game had all of my zapbots in the discard pile. If I use "they're coming to get you" (you may play a minion on this base from your discard pile instead of your hand) can I use zapbot's ability (play another minion of power 2 or less) to play all of my remaining zapbots from the discard pile?

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No, only one Zapbot can come from the discard pile.

While the text is unclear, AEG has issued an official ruling on BoardGameGeek, here.

It only lets you play a single minion that way, not whenever you play a minion.

That is, you can make one minion play each turn on the base with "They're Coming to Get You" from the discard pile.

However, playing a Zapbot from your discard still triggers its ability, which would allow you to play additional minions from your hand.

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    Also Zombies/Robots is so obscenely powerful anyway :P We had to ban it in our group after 3 players working together couldn't stop the Zombot player over the whole game.
    – Samthere
    May 14, 2015 at 15:47

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