The guide by The Esoteric Order of Gamers says

If you are on a space with 1 or more monsters, you must resolve a single combat encounter against each monster there, one at a time, in the order of your choice. Each non-epic monster must be encountered before each epic monster.

I'm not familiar with this source, so is there a definitive reference in the quick reference or rulebook or some officially released errata that confirms this?

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I think this is taken from the rules of the Forsaken Lore expansion pack. Those rules say:

Additional Rules The Forsaken Lore expansion adds new rules as described below.

Combat Encounters During the Encounter Phase, an investigator must encounter each non-Epic Monster on his space before encountering each Epic Monster on his space.

Do note however, that this is the opposite of this question title. Epic Monsters should be encountered last, not first, according to the expansion rule set.

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