Does Narset, Enlightened Master's ability trigger twice if she has double strike, since she has an ability that says "When (she) attacks"?

  • All double strike means is the creature deals both first strike and normal combat damage. They only "attack" once, but they "deal damage" twice.
    – JekwA
    Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 21:21

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The trigger, "Whenever ~ attacks" means "Whenever ~ is declared as an attacking creature". A creature with double strike will deal damage in the two combat damage steps, but will only be declared as an attacker once per turn. (Normally, unless some other effect is creating additional combat phases.)


No. Declaring a creature to attack only happens once per combat phase, no matter how often it deals combat damage.

There are some cards that grant you additional combat phases.

A creature with Double Strike would only trigger "on dealing (combat) damage" triggers twice.


If, however, Narset also is enchanted by Curiosity (as well as DS), she will count as dealing combat damage to a player twice, so you would draw two cards.

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Actually, it does count as attacking twice. According to the mtg wiki and some other referances, there is a first-strike attack phase and a regular attack phase. Take a look Here at the wiki. So, due to the fact that she is attacking twice, that power would be activated twice when you declare that she is attacking. If you do not believe me, take a look at some of these other questions where people have asked similar things:

Double Strike Creatures and Abilities Triggering abilities Twice With Double Strike

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    Unfortunately this is not correct. "Attacking" and "dealing combat damage" are two different concepts. There are two combat damage steps and a creature with double-strike will deal damage in both of them, but there is only one declare attackers step and that is when any "when ~ attacks" abilities will trigger. The threads you linked to refer to creatures with abilities like "when ~ deals combat damage".
    – Nick Meyer
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  • No problem! It's an easy mistake to make.
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  • This answer should not be deleted. It's wrong, but it highlights an easy mistake to make. From the FAQ, "Answers that are wrong or that dispense poor advice should be downvoted, not deleted."
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