I've been looking at some papers about developing AI players for Texas Hold'em, and many of them have used betting history from expert human players as training data. I have so far been unable to find a paper that referenced where they got that betting history.

Where can I find betting history for 'no limits' Texas Hold'em games?

I imagine the game history will be in the format of a log file containing the number of chips each player has, the cards dealt to each player, and all the bets made.

Here is an example of a paper I looked at:

Decision Generalisation from Game Logs in No Limit Texas Hold’em

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Building a Poker Playing Agent based on Game Logs using Supervised Learning

I found this paper on creating a Hold'em AI that refers to two external log files on page 100 of that paper. One no longer exists. The other, from hhsmithy, costs a couple bucks. They offer logs from various sources, including Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker.

They also offer a smaller, free set that you can use to build your setup.


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