I recently bought Dixit Odyssey to enable more players at the same time. One thing about Odyssey that I absolutely don't like, is the new voting system with the cards and pegs. It's a lot harder to tell who's already placed a vote and we generally end up needlessly waiting for everyone to vote (when everyone already has).

We'd really like to go back to using upside down numbered tokens to vote with. Where can I get those for 12 players (in the right colors)?

  • If you ask the other players who is still thinking it will help speed up the votes as players will realize others are waiting on them. – Joe W Jul 24 '15 at 0:14

There aren't official tokens for more than 7 players. Instead, you can have the rule that people hold their hands over their voting cards on the table to indicate readiness. That makes it easy to tell if someone is still deciding, and if you hold the voting card face down against the table it stops the pegs falling out.

  • We found the card+peg system to be much easier to use than the tokens. After laying the picture cards face up in a line all players take their voting card and peg out of sight (under the table, hidden behind their hands, etc), place the peg in the hole they choose, then grip the card in a way that their hands hide all the holes (and the peg) and hold their hands over to the center of the table. This way we can all see who is ready, but the votes remain secret until everyone reveals them. – zovits supports GoFundMonica Jul 26 '15 at 21:26

When playing with such many players, especially when some of them are playing for the first time, we have one person holding one part of the box and collecting all the voting cards - when someone is ready he put it here.

Box is usually hold above the heads of all other sitting people (when playing with so many players there always is someone not sitting by the table so it is not the problem), to noone see the the answers. Usually the person holding the box is the one checking all the answers then, and tracking the score - it is more easy to sort and check all the voting cards in the box. Many of the players usually don't want to know the exact scoring mechanisms, so it is fine for them.

One disadvantage of this solution is when people stars to throw their voting cards to the box, inside of putting them gently. If they are doing so, sometimes, the pegs are moving out - anyway you just need to tell people to be more gentle.

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