Would restore the peace affect creatures with hexproof?

I have Archetype of Endurance (all creatures you control have hexproof, your opponent cannot have hexproof). I attack and then my opponent plays Restore the Peace, would this affect my creatures since they have hexproof?


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Hexproof means that the creature with Hexproof cannot be the target of spells or abilities an opponent controls. Restore the Peace does not target creatures, it's a global effect, so Hexproof does not offer any protection in this case.


As Hackworth said,

Restore the Peace will effect creatures with hexproof. Hexproof creatures are protected from spells that "target" them, but aren't protected from spells that effect the entire battlefield (even those with conditionals).
A card like Restore the Peace effects each creature that dealt damage, and would therefore effect hexproof creatures because it does not target them.

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