It's already known that Cribbage can be played by blind people by using Braille-cards, but what I need to know is whether there is a database for Braille-players to get together in their local areas.

The Blind-Foundation here in Hawaii can not find any other blind-cribbage players, so I post here to hopefully find a blind-cribbage partner here in Honolulu.

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    It might be more reasonable to find other blind card players and teach them cribbage. Who knows, maybe you'll learn some other games that you'll enjoy, too. – Hao Ye May 5 '16 at 5:24

I didn't have much luck because I couldn't take the time to sign out and getting recommendations not based on my preferences is apparently quite hard. But have you tried MeetUp? On the continent I know it's a very popular website for finding local gamers. You might be able to use MeetUp as Hao Ye suggests to find a blind meet up and see if anyone is interested in cribbage. The best I could find was this Singles Group but there might be others and you might be able to create one if you're interetsed. You could also scan your local subreddit.

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