Swift Kick So lets say I have a 1/1 and another 1/1 on the field

My opponent has a 3/3

I attack with 1/1, and they block with 3/3 If I play Swift Kick on my unused 1/1 making it a 2/1 and target their 3/3 with it (Because Swift Kick says I can, I know you can't declare a new attacker after your first ones)

What happens?

Would their 3/3 kill my 2/1, then lose the 2 damage and kill my 1/1 and live

Or Would their 3/3 kill my 2/1, and take 2 damage, and kill my 1/1 and take one damage and die?


The second one. Damage that you do to a creature lasts until the end of a turn, and then it wears off. So you can do it 2 damage first with Swift Kick, then after that do it 1 damage with normal combat damage.

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