My son (age 5) enjoys Dixit, but often it's just the two of us. I've come up with my own variant, below, but I want to hear more from the community.

We play with a hand of four cards, and we take turns as active player. The active player gives a hint, as normal, and plays a card face-down. The other player plays, and then two cards from the top of the deck are added to the mix before we shuffle and deal face-up. We play co-op, aiming to have us both guess correctly what the other player chose.

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That doesn't sound too bad, except that the drawn cards could be really off.

Alternatively, you could try to play a cooperative variant. These two are interesting:

The game is cooperative. Each player is the storyteller five times for a total of 10 turns and you go for a high score. The highest possible is 70.

Neither player has a hand. Each turn, the storyteller makes up a story without seeing any cards, and then six cards are flipped over from the deck and arranged. Both players (must?) vote for two cards that they think best match the description, and color matters: use the red peg for your 1st vote, and the green peg for your 2nd vote. Then players reveal their votes.

For a card where you both voted red, you get 4 points. For a card where you both voted green, you get 3 points. For a card where you both voted but the colors didn't match, you get 2 points. For a card where only one player voted for it, you lose a point.

Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/700350/2-player-cooperative-dixit

How to Play

  • Deal cards to each player as usual.
  • Pick a scoring marker for the players (just one marker) and another as a failure marker.
  • Pick a player to be Storyteller first. I'll refer to 'Storyteller' and 'Player 2'.
  • The Storyteller picks a card from their hand and gives a clue or tells a story about it, then places the card face down.
  • Player 2 picks a card from their hand to try to match the clue.
  • Add 4 random cards from the deck to the chosen cards.
  • Shuffle them out and places them on the table as usual.
  • Each player now secretly makes a guess. The Storyteller wants to find Player 2s card. Player 2 wants to find the Storyteller's card.

Reveal your guesses!

If you both guessed the other player's card correctly, cheer and advance your scoring marker 1 space.

If either or both of you guessed wrong, pout and advance the failure marker one space.

Each draw a new card. If you still have 4 cards left in the deck, swap who is Storyteller and proceed to another round.

Try to have more points than failures at the end of the game!

What does this mean? When you are the Storyteller, you want Player 2 to guess your card. This is easy. You could just say "A city made out of eggs", and your partner is sure to guess it.

But...you also want to guess Player 2's card. Give a clue too specific, and your partner won't be able to play any card you can recognize!

You need to give them enough room to play a card you recognize, without making it too easy to be fooled by a random card.

Spirit of the game: No giving "double" clues that are meant to describe your card and the card Player 2 is supposed to play separately. ("My card is a scarecrow, but your card has plants").

No setting up codes.

No repeating clues.

Remember, you are trying to play a 4+ player competitive game as a 2 player co-op. Try to break the game and it will break. Go with it and have fun and it should provide some amusement. I've tried to make it resistant to "casual" abuse at least.

Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/676496/2-player-co-op-dixit-variant

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