I was browsing the Hans im Glück website and found two 'official' fan-made expansions for Carcassonne.

The expansions are called:

Unfortunately the site is in German and so are the rules, both for Die Stadttore and Der Osterhase.

Where can I find the English rules?

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A quick Google web search reveals this post for the Easter Festival (yes, it's the same author although a different name). The full rules for both expansions can be found in the downloads sections of Carcassonne Central (you'll need to register, but it's free to do so).

  • Those are behind a login, on a site I don't know, and I can't get past the captcha...
    – freekvd
    Sep 4, 2015 at 16:05
  • @freekvd That registration form is evil indeed. Here is the link to those 3 files, active for 7 days: we.tl/pJIIt4uocc
    – tsuma534
    Jan 12, 2016 at 11:21

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