I want to store Dixit Odyssey + another Dixit expansion in a box. The original Dixit boxes are too big. Not convenient for transportation...

As I've searched around, and didn't find any suitable box, I was thinking of getting a box with the dimensions of my choosing. This would be helpful for many other games as well.

Are there specialized products for this? Custom-sized boxes, eventually with the option of defining separators inside of the box?

Which box types and dimensions should I be looking for to store and transport expansion sets of Dixit cards?

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Dixit expansions come in boxes of size 8.1 x 3 x 12.7 cm. The cards from the base set, Journey or Odyssey should fit in one of those exact same boxes. Get a box for each expansion that you own. You could make your own boxes, from sheets of cardboard using a box template like this one. You'll want to use 250 grams paper (g/m2, see grammage).

template generator

Just put your dimensions into a template generator.

The voting cards can go into a small bag, and you don't really need the bunnies and scoring track. Bring pen and paper.

  • The Dixit expansion box doesn't work for me because I'm trying to pack Dixit Odyssey which board is ~15x26cm. The template generator is a very nice idea. Thanks. Sep 1, 2015 at 23:35
  • If anyone knows the proper units of measurement for US standards, please by all means do edit them into this answer.
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Since you mentioned you have Dixit Odyssey (abbreviated as DO from now on), I thought I'd share my solution. We have many card games (Bang, Fluxx, Saboteurs, etc) and DO. For transportation I've found it works well if I take the plastic inset (tray?) out of DO, and the resulting space is more than enough for all games. Of course each deck needs to be wrapped in a rubber band to avoid mixing, but the sturdy cardboard box of DO makes it easy to carry all our games.

This of course doesn't solve the problem if the problem is the DO box being too big, but maybe you can use the space inside the box for other things too, in order to rationalize carrying such a large box.

  • Thank you, zovits. Indeed, I wanted the smaller pack possible, but that's also a good idea for reusing the box, if you have a lot of games. Sep 2, 2015 at 10:39

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