In Scrabble, If on the board there is:


If you start at the E tile, go down one tile, then right one tile there is a triple word score.

If you put SO vertically at the end of pickles (So the O would be on the triple word score):


Does just SO get triple word score, or does PICKLES and SO both get their score tripled?


From the official rules on Hasbro's website:

Premium Word Squares: The score for an entire word is doubled when one of its letters is placed on a pink square: it is tripled when one of its letters is placed on a red square.

The Triple Word square triples the value of any word played on it. So in your example, SO would score triple points, but PICKLES only scores normally. However, if the triple word square was directly to the right of PICKLE, then by placing the S on it you'd triple the score for both words.

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