Any recommendations or variants for playing Crokinole? We say that you have to stay seated in your chair with at least one cheek touching to make your shot.


I believe that rule to be incorrect, but interesting. You must hit an enemy disc, but you can hit a friendly disc first to make a combo shot. It's higher risk because you can lose multiple men. Check the WCC webpage for official rules. Also the one cheek rule is standard here in clubs in Ontario as well as not being able to move/shift your chair in any way once play begins.


I just checked the standard rules on Wikipedia

If there are any enemy discs on the board, a player must make contact, directly or indirectly, with an enemy disc during the shot. If unsuccessful, the shot disc is 'fouled' and removed from the board, along with any of the player's other discs that were moved during the shot.

We always played with this rule : If there are any enemy discs on the board, a player must make contact with an enemy disc directly and before making contact with any friendly disk during the shot (bumpers use is tolerated). If he miss, only the disk shoot by the player is fooled.

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