My version of Machi Koro is not in English and none of the online manuals I found contain the building names.

Can anyone provide a complete list of card cost and names? Card text would be helpful as well.


English language translations for the base game as well as two expansions are available at BoardGameGeek. Here is a link.

Value  Name
 1     Wheat Field  
 2     Livestock Farm  
 2-3   Bakery  
 3     Café  
 4     Convenience Store  
 5     Forest  
 6     Stadium  
 6     TV Station  
 6     Business Complex  
 7     Cheese Factory  
 8     Furniture Factory  
 9     Mine  
 9-10  Restaurant  
10     Apple Orchard  
11-12  Produce Market

And these are the landmarks:

Cost   Name
 4     Train station   
10     Shopping Mall  
16     Amusement Park  
22     Radio Tower

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