Last night at the end of round 2, I was the only player with any Pavilion tiles in my Alhambra. First place gets 8 points, second place gets 1 point. How do I score this? Do I get all 9 points? Or just the 8 points for first place? It's only 1 point, but I could see a situation with higher-value kind of buildings where this division would matter.

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You only get the points for first place. There simply is no second place person to receive those points. If a game wanted to let you get the second place points also in that case, it would need to be spelled out as a special rule.


Quoting from the rules on second round scoring :-

"points are awarded to the players with the highest number and second highest number of building tiles of each type."

Later it says "You must have at least 1 building tile of a particular type to be awarded points for that category".

So lets say you have 2 pavilions and the 2 other players have 0. You have have come first and get 8 points. the other players score nothing. You have not come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in this category to entitle you to all the points.

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