I tried to find a shogi game that I could follow on my shogi board. however I am having difficulty following the notation. For example I found http://www2.teu.ac.jp/gamelab/SHOGI/amaryu93.html via google. The game starts with

1.P7f P8d 
2.S6h P3d
3.S7g ..

Now I think that Move number 1 should move a pawn, however on the board http://www.shogi.net/rjhare/pieces/start.gif 7 f does not hold a pawn. Also, moving it to 8d would mean that it had to move diagnoally, which does not make much sense. So what I came up with is that it could mean that it was the target of a pawn move, which would mean that black moved the pawn from 7g to 7f and white from 8c to 8d. is this the right interpretation?


Shogi Notation notes which piece is moving, and where they are moving to. So P7f means that a Pawn is moving to square 7f. If there is ambiguity as to which piece is moving then the starting location is added to the front (ex. G6i-5h when there is more than one Gold piece that can move to the 5h square)

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