What deck building / card games would be most accessible to a 7-9 year old? As a bonus, are there any that could encourage his/her learning, in line with his/her abilities at that age?

As guidance, Wikipedia states that for second graders:

... students are taught place value to tens, hundreds or thousands, and renaming with addition and subtraction... Another skill students practice is counting money and making change. Positive and negative numbers are introduced, but not added and subtracted.


In reading, students read to perform a task using fictional and non-fictional texts, and learn about story elements, text features, character traits, sequencing, and main idea/details.

As an example, my 7 year old is ready to move on from 'Top Trumps'. He has a solid grasp of the relative values of numbers and in my opinion is ready to add a strategic element. We've tried and enjoyed 'King of Tokyo', although I have noticed he mostly goes for the higher value cards'.

I'm sure there are many 'advanced/adult' games that 7-9 year olds are capable of getting their heads around, but I'd really like something that is immediately accessible to that age group.

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If you're looking for simplicity, probably one of the easiest to learn would be Star Realms. It's the simplest deck builder I've played, at least for the base game, but still provides some depth.

One other game I've seen lots of kids enjoy is Quarriors. Your "deck" is composed of dice in a bag, but the same concept applies--you accumulate money to buy creature dice, and those creature dice deal damage to other creature dice. A lot of symbols to deal with, especially if you buy the expansions, but still very accessible.

Getting to math concepts of tens/hundreds and negatives might be difficult since deck builders tend to deal largely with single digit numbers and don't usually have "debt" systems or the like, but the money counting/addition/subtraction element should be present in almost any deck builder.

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