If anyone could help I would love to find the name of this game.

Black stacking game with rotating sides

As you stack the block the blocked the sides on the block below rotate and they change color (see the stickers) and there are four "bases" or the bottoms in total. Have been searching the internet for hours now to no avail, hoping someone has seen this before!

  • Is this a multiplayer thing, or more like a one-man puzzle game?
    – goldPseudo
    Commented Dec 13, 2015 at 2:03

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This is from Chameleon

Its the 3-D building game with a colorful twist! As players race to build towers using their Chameleon' blocks, there's a surprise with every move - the Chameleon blocks magically change their colors!

Place one red block on a tower and the block below turns green. Choose another red block, add it to the tower, and the block below changes to red. You'll need skill and luck to correctly "predict" what colors will appear. Matching colors earns you another turn. If block colors don't match, dismantle the tower, block by block, and start from the ground up!

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