With Ugin, the Spirit Dragon's third ability, it says "Gain seven life, draw 7 cards, and place up to 7 permanents from your hand to the battlefield." Does this include land because land is a permanent, or is the "1 land per turn" rule still in effect?


You can put lands onto the battlefield with Ugin's ability because you are not playing lands (a special action limited to once a turn) you are just putting them onto the battlefield.

115.2a Playing a land is a special action. To play a land, a player puts that land onto the battlefield from the zone it was in (usually that player’s hand). By default, a player can take this action only once during each of his or her turns. A player can take this action any time he or she has priority and the stack is empty during a main phase of his or her turn.

305.4. Effects may also allow players to “put” lands onto the battlefield. This isn’t the same as “playing a land” and doesn’t count as a land played during the current turn.

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