Hello all you card game aficionados!

Back in the day, my Mom & Dad played a card game that used this game board (see image). I do not remember the name, OR, how to play. I don't really need the name of the game, but that would help. The rules are what I need. Does anyone recognized the game?

Incidentally the game board is about 2 x 2 masonite. My Dad cut up a deck of cards and glued them in the order illustrated, then shellacked the surface etc. voila. I would be happy to share any info collected. I remember that the game was fun and unique.

Hope anyone can help.


Grayley McWatters Barrie, Ontario

enter image description here

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A board game of sorts, popular in the Eastern USA, known as One-Eyed Jack, Jack Foolery, Jack Off, and Sequence.

Players: 2-4 (4 players is done in teams of 2)
The board you've pictured
Two standard playing card decks, Jokers removed (104 cards total).
A set of 50 chips for each player.

Shuffle the 104 card deck, dealing 7 cards to each player in a two player game, 6 in a three, or 5 in a four. The cards not dealt are retained as a drawing stock for the course of the game.
Game is played in turn, clockwise starting with the player after the dealer. Each players turn proceeds as thus: Play a card from your hand, place a counter of your color on the indicated square, then draw a card from the stock.

Special Cards: since their aren't jacks on the field, they cause a special action to occur.
Two Eyed Jack: Wild Card
One Eyed Jack: Remove an opponents counter.

Win Condition: Form two uninterrupted lines of 5 counters, with one allowed intersection.

Source: http://www.pagat.com/misc/jack.html
Google Fu: board game 10x10 playing cards

  • For completeness sake, it might be a good idea to mention which two jacks don't have board pieces.
    – Powerlord
    Dec 21, 2015 at 14:29
  • 1
    None of the jacks are represented on the board. The eight jacks in the draw deck have special effects, determined by the number of eyes visible. Dec 21, 2015 at 15:05

Sounds like sequence.You play the cards and place chips on the board. The goal is to get 4 in a row

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