If I have 2 Super Munchkin or Half Breed (or any equivalent) cards, am I able to use up to 4 races/classes (Or 2 races/classes without any race/class related penalties)? Effectively, do these bonuses stack, or can you only ever have 2 races and 2 classes?


You can only have two.

Super Munchkin says:

You may have two Class cards...

Half Breed says:

You may have two Race cards...

So that's exactly what you can do: have two. It doesn't matter how many of them you have. All they say you can do is have two. They don't say "one additional" or "twice as many".

  • Too bad... I liked being a warrior, wizard, cleric, and thief all at once! Thanks though!
    – Timpanus
    Jan 12 '16 at 23:56

The Super Munchkin card only allows you to have two Class cards in play; ... however the Ultra Munchkin card from the Munchkin Rigged Demo and Munchkin 7 - Cheat With Both Hands sets states:

Official Rules

You may have three Class cards, and have all the advantages and disadvantages of each.

enter image description here

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    The Munchkin 7 expansion (either version) also includes the even better Super Duper Munchkin, which lets you use any number of Class cards. And, of course, 1/3-Breed and Chimera, which do the same thing for Race cards. Jan 14 '16 at 22:12

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