I used to play this card game a lot but I haven't in many years and have forgotten nearly everything about the game. All I can remember is that it's a single player card game, you arrange the cards into a triangle with -I may be wrong about this part- the first layer of the triangle with cards face down and the other -or at least next layer- face up. Also, it was played with a standard 52 card deck i think. It may be a japanese game because I lived in japan for a large portion of my life and may have learned it there, and I don't remember where I leaned it.

If anyone has any ideas at to what the name of the game is, please tell me even if it's a guess. Thank you

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From Wikipedia's List of patience (i.e. solitaire) games, there are three that I could find with a triangular layout, plus one with three triangles, that might be the one you're thinking of:

I'm going to guess Pyramid, since I believe it's more well-known than Bowling or Tree.

  • Probably pyramid
    – user13999
    Jan 19, 2016 at 21:21

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