As far as I know, Free Action on a New Rule means it doesn't count as a Play when used. If I use the Mystery Play rule or any of its analogues does it count as a Play?

Analogues of Mystery Play include (some with slight variations such as conditional requirements for use):

  • Wormhole in Star Fluxx
  • Magic Shoes in Oz Fluxx
  • Egads! in Batman Fluxx
  • Open The Door in Monster Fluxx
  • Magic Portal in Adventure Time Fluxx
  • Chemical X in Cartoon Network Fluxx
  • Time Doorway in Regular Show Fluxx
  • Great Idea! in Stoner Fluxx

Free Actions do not count as a Play so Mystery Play and its analogues do not count as a Play and can be used anytime during your turn either before, during, or after drawing and playing.

Reference: http://faq.looneylabs.com/fluxx-games/faq-for-fluxx-unthemed-versions#723

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