If I cast Tormented Thoughts on my 3/1 creature and to counter my opponent uses Disperse to return it to my hand, is my Tormented Thoughts wasted?

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    You don't cast Tormented thoughts on a creature. You cast in on a player.
    – tsuma534
    Feb 10 '16 at 14:16

The stack does not matter here. Sacrificing a creature is part of the cost of casting Tormented Thoughts (it says so on the card). By the time your opponent has a chance to cast a spell, the creature you sacrificed will be in your graveyard, and therefore not a legal target for Disperse.


You opponent can't interact with the creature because by the time he/she gains priority to cast Disperse, the creature is in the graveyard.

The process of casting Tormented Thoughts is:

  1. Place the card on the stack
  2. Announce modes (N/A)
  3. Choose targets
  4. Choose divisions (N/A)
  5. Check targets
  6. Calculate cost
  7. Pay cost

After 7, players can regain priority.

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