While playing the scheme Invade the Daily Bugle News HQ, I ended up having a single villain in the city: Doppelganger from Maximum Carnage. I drew a Scheme Twist card, which triggers the following event:

KO a Hero from the HQ. Put the highest [attack] Villain from the city into the HQ space.

This required me to put Doppelganger in the HQ. Doppelganger's card reads:

Doppelganger's [attack] is equal to the [cost] of the Hero in the HQ space under him.

Now that Doppelganger is in the HQ, what is his attack?

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Doppelganger's attack would then be 0.

The rules insert for Paint the Town Red explicitly covers this case under the Card Clarification for the Invade the Daily Bugle HQ scheme:

If there is a Villain in the HQ space under Doppelganger, or if Doppelganger is in the HQ, then Doppelganger's [attack] is 0.

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