In Pandemic Legacy, February gives you

Quarantine tokens. During the infect phase, if a city card is pulled and there's a quarantine token on that city, you remove the token instead of placing a disease cube.

But what happens if you have an epidemic outbreak on a such a city? That is, when you draw a card from the bottom of the deck to infect,

You normally place 3 cubes in that city. But what if the city has a quarantine token in it?

What happens?

Does the epidemic take effect as normal? Do you place 1 fewer cube per quarantine token? Does the epidemic simply not take effect and remove the quarantine token instead?

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Remove the marker. That is the only effect.

The Quarantine rules state (2nd paragraph) - When a player is instructed to add any amount of disease markers to the city (or any color), remove the quarantine marker instead of adding disease markers.

Of course,

If the Quarantine Specialist is in the city, do not remove the token!

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