I'd like to hear peoples opinion on this.

The text on the cards mentioned below:

First Mate: "Special: After this base i scored, you may move this minion to another base instead of the discard pile".

Heirloom: Play on a minion. Ongoing: This card gives this minion +1 power for each Heirloom on it. This card cannot be destroyed.(the "this cards cannot be destroyed" is irrelivant to my question).


  • First mate with an ongoing action (fx. heirloom) played on it(first mate).

  • The base scores

  • the first mate gets to move to another base after the base i scored

question: does the action played on him follow him or does it get discarded?

I'd think that it would follow him.

  • Actions played on minions are attached to those minions, and (unless stated otherwise) they move around with the minion regardless of why that minion moves around.
    – Samthere
    May 4, 2016 at 9:52

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They follow him.

After scoring, players can use Special abilities that happen “after” a base scores. Then all cards still on that base go to their owners’ discard piles.

The First Mate is no longer on the base, so he doesn't get discarded, much less actions attached to him.

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