I have heard of "International Tabletop Day" being a celebration of board games and roleplaying games, and that some stores have events for it. When is that?

Also, do previous dates provide any clues as to when we can expect future dates to be so that stores etc. can plan accordingly?

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International Tabletop Day has been hosted by Geek & Sundry every year since 2013,* but the schedule has been somewhat inconsistent as to when it is. I had a hard time finding the dates, especially for the early ones, but here they are:

If the pattern for the last couple of years holds, then one would expect that in the future it will be held on the last Saturday in April.

* The logo for International TableTop Day says that it's "since 2012", but I cannot find any evidence that it was actually held in that year. @PatLudwig in the comments provides supporting evidence that 2013 was the first.


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