I have a fun little shocker deck. From Gatherer

Whenever Shocker deals damage to a player, that player discards all the cards in his or her hand, then draws that many cards.

Note that the errata does not specify combat damage. When the stars align I usually have the following auras on the Shocker.

  • Arcane Teachings: Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has "Tap: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player."
  • Sigil of Sleep: Whenever enchanted creature deals damage to a player, return target creature that player controls to its owner's hand.

My understanding is that when I damage a player (I even targeted myself to get a new hand in desperation) that his hand is discarded and new cards are drawn. Then at the same time a creature (assuming there is a legal target) returns to his hand. Netting the player 1 extra card in his hand once the action is completed.

Is this correct? Are there rules addressing this scenario?


When two or more trigger happen at the same time, the player controlling those triggers put them on the stack in an order of his/her choice, beginning with the active player.

So in your scenario, you can put the discard/draw trigger first and the bounce creature trigger second on the stack. This way, the bounce trigger will resolve first, so he/she will have to discard this creature, too, when the other trigger resolves.

Note, that he/she can respond to all triggers placed on the stack. If the bounced creature has Flash for example, he/she could replay it, before he/she has to discard

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