I am reading the rules of Risk, and at the top of the second column (in 3. Exchanging Territory Cards) it says that "if you hold 5 or more cards, you MUST exchange one or more sets on your turn". A "set" has been explained to be 3 cards with the same insignia, where a wild card can be used as any of the 3 insignias.

If for example I had these 5 cards - Infantry, Infantry, Artillery, Artilley, Cavalry - then I do not have a set of any insignias, but am forced to swap a set as I have 5 cards. The same could occur if I had 6 cards, 2 of each insignia and no wild cards.

Where am I going wrong in understanding this?

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As per the rules (1993 standard Risk) on page 7 (emphasis mine):

You are trying to collect sets of 3 cards in any of the following combinations:

  • 3 cards of same design (Infantry, Cavalry, or Artillery)
  • 1 each of 3 designs
  • any 2 plus a “wild” card

This is verified in the rules you posted:

A set is made up of 3 cards with the same Insignia..., OR 3 cards with one of each of the 3 Insignia...

In the case where you have "Infantry, Infantry, Artillery, Artillery, Cavalry," you will trade in "Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry" as a set.


I just realised that a set can also be 1 of each of the Insignias

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