• Hang in There - Play on one of your minions. Ongoing: If this minion would be destroyed, move it to another base and destroy this action instead.

  • Nukebot - power 5 - Ongoing: After this minion is destroyed, destroy each other player's minions on this base.

  • Sacrifice - Choose one of your minions. Draw cards equal to its power. Destroy that minion.

I am have a bit trouble figuring out when destroy triggers.

I play Sacrifice on a Nukebot that has Hang in There, what happens? Which cards get destroyed and why?

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Stepping through it in order.

Start - Nukebot with Hang in There are on a base

Play Sacrifice

  1. Choose one of your Minions - Choose Nukebot
  2. Draw Cards equal to its power - draw 5 cards
  3. Destroy that minion - prepare to destroy Nukebot, check Ongoing triggers
  4. Hang in There triggers on If this minion would be destroyed
  5. Move the Nukebot to another base
  6. Destroy Hang in There

The trigger on Nukebot never fires because it is never destroyed. The Hang in There prevents it.

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