Page 25 of the rulebook states:

Taking Control of Enemy Ports - If the land area connected to a Port is successfully attacked and taken control of by another player, that player may immediately replace any enemy Ship units in the Port with an equal number of his own available Ship units (or as many Ship units as he has available, he desires, or is allowed by supply limits). Excess enemy ships are simply removed from the board.

What does available mean in this context? Available as in a player has ships left that (s)he has not yet mustered or available as in ships that have already been mustered?

Where do the own ships come from? Are they existing ships on the board that simply move into the port now or are new ships mustered instead?

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Available here means ships that are still in your supply. Use only those ships, not ones from the board.

You may find this useful from Page 4:

Exceeding the Components Provided Each House is provided a limited number of units, tokens, and cards. If a player is using all his components of a particular type, he may not bring additional components of that type into play. Units that are destroyed in combat (or removed from the board for any other reason) are available to be mustered again.

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