I bought some "yunzi" stones that came in straw bowls, but they aren't translucent at all. They are fully opaque.

Considering the price paid (around 35 dollars, I bought it in Brazil), I think that they weren't the real deal, but they look nice anyway.

picture of the stones

Now, should/can I oil them? What are they made off?

  • Without knowing more about them it is impossible to answer your question. – Joe W May 24 '16 at 22:33
  • I don't really think that there too many choices of material for a fake yunzi. They aren't plastic, they look like yunzi, their weight (I think) are like yunzi, they feel like some sort of ceramic glass, and not like pure glass stones (again like yunzi), but they aren't translucent green (like real yunzi). How many different types of material do YOU know like that? And about my question, oiling them will make they shine like oiled yunzi? – Luiz Borges May 24 '16 at 22:43
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is a question asking to identify a type of stone/material based on a picture and a description; the fact that the stone can be used for the game Go doesn't help with the identification; Go knowledge doesn't help to answer the question. – GendoIkari May 25 '16 at 14:11
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    @GendoIkari, my primary questions was simply "should/can I oil [fake yunzi stones]?" Just that. Again I'm pretty sure that there aren't many choices of material for this, and people who know them might be able to give a simple: "that is probably glass/ceramic/etc". Anyway, I'm a member of several stack exchange sites, and never saw such a bad response to a question. – Luiz Borges May 25 '16 at 14:36
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    @JoeW Asking questions to try to clarify what is being asked or to get additional information is a fine response. Having said that, your first two posts in the comments weren't doing either of these things. Both are statements that read as "Your question can't be answered." – SocioMatt May 25 '16 at 17:32

I would suggest a spot test. Try oiling a small, inconspicuous section of one stone.

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    Tried in one stone and it didn't seem to have any adverse effects. It made then shiner and looked much smoother. Done on everything. – Luiz Borges May 25 '16 at 14:31

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