1. Player A has the witch and bewitches the Warlord.
  2. Player A chooses to destroy player B's district.
  3. Player B has the Bishop. Can he reveal it to protect himself?
  4. If player B can do this and reveal the bishop, can player C rob the bishop with the thief?
  • is thesunneversets' correct? If so, it would be helpful to mark his answer as accepted. You seem to have a large number of answered questions that aren't accepted. May 21 '11 at 12:26


The Witch doesn't get to destroy a district when she is revealed - she skips her turn after taking an action, and only gets to play when (if!) the Warlord is revealed. By that time, player B has already been revealed to be the Bishop, and is immune to the bewitched Warlord's power.

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    Ug, I've been playing differently and I forgot this was the actual rule. Thanks. :) Apr 7 '11 at 19:45

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