The Jump skill states that:

The Survivor can use this Skill once during each Activation. The Survivor spends one Action: He moves two Zones into a Zone to which he has Line of Sight. Movement related Skills (like +1 Zone per Move Action or Slippery) are ignored, but Movement penalties (like having Zombies in the starting Zone) apply. Ignore everything in the intervening Zone.

An interesting tactic is to be able to jump into/out of towers. Is this legal?

  • sounds legal to me. Would be interesting to hear from someone who has tried it Jun 13, 2016 at 10:12

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No, you can't use jump to move into/out of a tower, as the towers are surrounded by ramparts which specifically block movement.

From the Wulfsburg rules (page 5):

Tower tiles feature both building and street Zones, bordered by ramparts ....

  • Ramparts can’t be crossed but don’t block Lines of Sight.

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