For the monster turn -- if I have several zombies (as an example), can they each attack on the turn? So, I move one zombie and attack someone, and then I move another and attack someone else? Until I have moved and/or attacked with each zombie? Just want to make sure we are understanding the definition of "turn".


The Traitor always gets to move and attack with each monster, separately, after they have finished their own turn (unless a Haunt-specific rule tells you otherwise, of course).

From the second edition rulebook (page 17, or page 12 if you are cross-referencing the first edition rulebook):

After you finish your turn, you move and attack with all of the monsters, if any.


After the Haunt there are three turn phases

Player Turns

In this phase every player gets their turn

Traitor Turn

In this phase the traitor gets a turn

Monster Turns

In this phase if the traitor controls monsters that get to move such as minions or what ever they each get their turn here.

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