If I have 2 rolls for my skill check, and I fail the roll, then I spend a clue token to roll, and I fail. I then spend a second clue and again fail.

If I now use the Lucky Cigarette Case which says:

Discard Lucky Cigarette Case to re-roll any one skill check.

Do I roll the original 2 dice only, or have I increased my re-roll pool to 4 dice (by including the additional dice from spending 2 clues)?

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Reroll all 4 dice.

It's important to do things in the right order though. Using the cigarette case and then clues results in fewer total rolls.

This is clarified in the FAQ contained within the Dunwich Horror rules

Q: How does a re-roll work? Can you re-roll only the skill dice that you have before spending Clue tokens, or can you re-roll all the dice you’ve rolled on a given check, including the extra dice gained from spending Clue tokens?

A: You re-roll all the dice you’ve rolled for the skill check so far, so you can re-roll dice gained from spending Clue tokens as long as you spend your Clue tokens before using your re-roll.

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