I'm looking for the name of this game in English.

It's a drinking game, in which the participants get together in a circle and, with a playing cards deck, draw cards and follow their drinking rules (according to each card value).

E.g.: I drew a Queen, so all the ladies that are playing must drink. My friend then draws a Two, so he chooses 2 people to drink. Etc.

Does anyone know this game?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Here's one variation, having a couple different names:

Kings Cup (AKA Ring Of Fire or Circle Of Death) Is a popular card drinking game. To play the game you should have a medium size group (at least 4 players). You start by placing a red cup in the middle of everyone and spread a deck of cards around it face down. You then go around in a circle taking turns drawing cards following the rules below. The Objective?: Draw all of the Kings

I'm guessing there are many variations of this game, going by many names.

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