Mining Village has the option to trash it immediately and gain 2 coins. What exactly is meant by immediately? In other words, if I play a Mining Village what can I do before I must choose whether to trash it or not and gain 2 coins?

I'm interested in whether I can first draw another card (one of Mining Village's effects) and play it.


You draw the card, but may not play it prior to fully resolving Mining Village.

Always work from the top down on a card. For Mining Village you do the following

  1. +1 Card
  2. +2 Actions
  3. Optional - trash Mining Village for +2 coins.
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    Please note that +2 Actions does NOT mean "play two more cards." It merely adds 2 actions that you can use once this card has been fully resolved.
    – lilserf
    Apr 12 '11 at 2:44

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