Mining Village has the option to trash it immediately and gain 2 coins. What exactly is meant by immediately? In other words, if I play a Mining Village what can I do before I must choose whether to trash it or not and gain 2 coins?

I'm interested in whether I can first draw another card (one of Mining Village's effects) and play it.

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You draw the card, but may not play it prior to fully resolving Mining Village.

Always work from the top down on a card. For Mining Village you do the following

  1. +1 Card
  2. +2 Actions
  3. Optional - trash Mining Village for +2 coins.
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    Please note that +2 Actions does NOT mean "play two more cards." It merely adds 2 actions that you can use once this card has been fully resolved.
    – lilserf
    Apr 12, 2011 at 2:44

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