Let say I have Hive Mind in game:

enter image description here

The opponent casts Counterspell on my creature spell. Can I counter the Counterspell with the clone of Counterspell I get from Hive Mind?


Yes, you can. By the time Hive Mind's ability copies your opponent's Counterspell, that Counterspell is already on the stack. So you can choose it as a target for your own copy of Counterspell.

In more detail, what happens is this:

  1. You cast your creature spell, which let's say is a Weirded Vampire. (Why would you be playing Weirded Vampire against Hive Mind? Weird, huh.) The stack is

    • Weirded Vampire
  2. Your opponent casts Counterspell, and Hive Mind's ability triggers. The stack is

    • Hive Mind's ability
    • Counterspell (opponent's)
    • Weirded Vampire
  3. The ability resolves, giving you a copy of Counterspell, which you can choose to have target the original Counterspell. The stack is

    • Counterspell (yours)
    • Counterspell (opponent's)
    • Weirded Vampire
  4. Your Counterspell resolves, countering your opponent's Counterspell. The stack is

    • Weirded Vampire
  5. The Weirded Vampire now resolves.

This does mean that (in a 2-player game) Hive Mind basically nullifies any counterspell which can target a copy of itself.

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