Next week I am participating in my first Star Wars X-Wing tournament. The tournament will be from 10am with up to 16 participants and three to four games. I have played Star Wars X-Wing with a friend for a couple of weeks now and collected a considerable amount of Empire ships. I have planned to bring the following things:

  • Ships plus cards required for my build plus tokens
  • Five printed copies of my build
  • Bottled water and snacks
  • Good mood

Additionally, I want to prepare the following things until the day of the tournament:

  • Fly my build a few more times
  • Read the FFG rules used at the tournament

Do you have any additional tips or did I forget anything?

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    Your list is pretty comprehensive. I usually take spare dice and rulers just in case there aren't enough, though I've never needed to use them.
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    Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 13:23

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According to the current X-Wing Tournament Regulations (as of now, that's Version 1.2.1, effective November 1, 2016), you must have the following items:

  • Ship models
  • Bases
  • Pegs
  • Pilot cards (all from the same faction)
  • Ship tokens (all from the same faction)
  • Maneuver dials (matching your ships, but not necessarily from the same faction)
  • Upgrade cards
  • Tokens (other indicators are allowed with certain restrictions)
  • A complete damage deck
  • Sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls
  • A full set of maneuver templates
  • A range ruler
  • A squad list (or arrive early to fill one out)
  • Three unique obstacle tokens
  • Any bomb tokens (in a reasonable quantity) required for your list
  • ID tokens (or an equivalent way to distinguish your ships from each other and from your opponent's ships)

You should bring the following tokens not specifically listed above:

  • Shield tokens (unless your list only contains ships with no shields)
  • Focus tokens
  • Evade tokens (unless your ships do not have a way to get evade tokens)
  • Pairs of target lock tokens (unless your ships do not have a way to acquire target locks)
  • Weapons disabled tokens (if any of your ships can perform the SLAM action or if you want to indicate Corran Horn cannot perform attacks this round)
  • Stress tokens (even if your ships have no red maneuvers on their dials)
  • Critical hit tokens (many players do not worry about these, but it's a good idea―and good sportsmanship―to indicate which ships are affected by face-up damage cards)
  • Ion tokens (players often only bring these when their is list capable of dealing ion tokens to enemy or friendly ships)
  • Tractor beam tokens (like Ion tokens, usually only brought when their list is capable of dealing tractor beam tokens)

You cannot use the following during a tournament round:

  • Notes
  • Third-party materials or information (reformatted versions of information available in official products are allowed)
  • Third-party playmats not provided by the venue
  • Third-party ship tokens
  • Third-party obstacle tokens
  • Third-party bomb tokens
  • Third-party tokens or indicators that obscure significant component information, are not resistant to accidental modification, or do not have a purpose of use that is clear to both players
  • Third-party or altered cards
  • Non-identical or altered Damage card sleeves
  • Third-party ship bases, or ship bases modified to alter their size or shape
  • Custom "setup" templates designed to aid players in ship deployment
  • Third-party ship models
  • Ship models modified in a way that would create confusion about which ship the model represents
  • Asteroids, debris fields, and bomb tokens altered in any way except marking to indicate ownership
  • Third-party or altered dice (unobtrusive markings to indicate ownership are allowed)
  • Movement templates or range rulers that do not match the dimensions of official maneuver templates, range rulers, or sections of an official range ruler
  • Official products which are not yet legal (unreleased, or―for Premier events―not released 11 days before the event)

Refer to the following headings/subheadings of the tournament regulations for more information:

  • Playmats
  • Player Materials
  • Squad Building
  • Squad Lists
  • Multiple Faction Ships
  • Component Modifications
  • Lost and Damaged Components
  • Tokens
  • Legal Products
  • Game Setup (step 2)
  • Taking Notes and Outside Material

UPDATE: So I finished my first tournament last Saturday (1:3 W:L, Place 9 out of 14). Here is my experience regarding the things I brought:

  • Too much copies of the build, three are enough (one for the TO, one for the opposite player, one backup)
  • More bottled water
  • Pain killers (lack of oxygen after the third round got me head aches)
  • Pen is always useful
  • Marked my tokens on the evening before (there is some chaos on the table sometimes and I am sure I lost 1+ tokens regardless)

Additional things I should/could have brought:

  • One guy broke his K-Wing, so next time I will bring glue to help out

One guy forgot his damage deck, but I think that would be too much to bring more than one for these cases (he played with an old damage deck from somebody else's collection).

Additionally, there is a good collection on tournament things on reddit:

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