Jyn Odan's Quick Draw works as follows:

2 Strain: Use at the start of a hostile figure's activation. Interrupt to perform an attack with a Pistol targeting that figure. Limit once per round (twice if you have 2 activation tokens).

For 4 XP, Jyn can buy the Trick Shot skill:

1 Strain: Use before you declare an attack with a Ranged weapon. You can draw line of sight from any space within 3 spaces.

It's not clear to me: can these two can be used together? Can I use Quick Draw against someone I don't normally have line of sight to, but do with Trick Shot?

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Justin Kemppainen, Assistant Board Game Manager for Fantasy Flight Games, definitively stated that it is allowed:

If a Trooper "just around the corner" (out of LOS) activates, can Jyn activate Quick Draw and Trick Shot (to gain LOS) to attack him?

Yep! That combination of abilities is legit, and they remain legit even if the target is not currently in line of sight.

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