Crabs Adjust Humidity is a cardgame just like Cards Against Humanity

Can the cards be shuffled and used as an expansion pack? Or are there other differences which prevent this?

(PS: Are they equally fun? Or should I just refrain from buying Crabs Adjust Humidity?)

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    AFAIK they have different card backs, but it wouldn't be much of concern to me. It is barely a "game", so this shouldn't affect "gameplay" much.
    – Deo
    Aug 31 '16 at 14:37

Seeing as it's billed as an "unofficial expansion to Cards Against Humanity" (see website), I think the answer must be "yes". That said, it does appear the card backs are different, so you may need to slap everything into opaque-back sleeves to make it work really well.

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    Alternatively, you could imbibe sufficient alcohol so you no longer tell the difference. Not cheaper than sleeves, but more fun.
    – corsiKa
    Aug 31 '16 at 18:36

I have both Crabs against Humidity and Guards against Insanity. They can be mixed with Cards against Humanity. They have different backs but that is not a real problem.

Personally, I think the original (and the original expansions 1 to 6) are better. I use the following arguments:

  1. A lot of the unofficial expansion cards are probably targetted to the younger public and as such have a lot of references to sex and nudity.
  2. Some white cards have a limited use.
  3. A lot of black cards have 2 or three blanks so you run out of white cards fast.
  4. Some cards are almost duplicates of cards from the original series.

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